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Strategic advisors to more than 1.2 billion in early-stage and middle-market transactions. Angel capital investments, leveraged buyouts and recapitalizations.


Discover our unique approach to helping raise capital… in a way that is best for your company.



Meet the founder, DAVID SILVER, an investment banker and angel investor,  and key members of our team.



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For the Early-Stage Entrepreneur

• We love bringing capital to start-ups;


• We work with the entrepreneur on building out a highly detailed business model;


• We agonize over the cash flow statement projections in order to bring in the right amount;


• We are pro-entrepreneur at this stage, maximizing his or her ownership; and


The best part, some clients have said, is that we know how to bring cash into start-ups from the brands to avoid costly dilution from an institutional venture capital round

For the Acquirer of Companies:

• One of our strengths, since the mid-1970s when we did our first one, is the leveraged buyout;


• We are particularly skilled at “David and Goliath” deals; i.e., where an individual or a small business buys a much larger enterprise using mostly (and in some cases, all) debt;


• We assiduously fight against having the entrepreneur sign personal guarantees; and


• We bring multiple offers for debt to the entrepreneur and we work with him or her on analyzing them and negotiating for improvement in terms from the lenders.


• Let’s say you have built a company to revenues of $20 million or more and decent EBITDA, but along the way, your personal equity in the company has been squeezed;


• This could be because of an expensive round of venture capital or your company made an acquisition using stock that diluted your ownership even more;


• You want to recapitalize and do so in a manner that takes out the early investors and triples or quadruples your ownership stake;


• This is something we do very well; and we do it very well because we know the appetites of hundreds of private equity funds and mezzanine lenders.

Companies in Distress:

• We excel at assisting the owners and managers turn things around when they are about to go over a cliff, or when they have fallen on very hard times;


• In one instance, we helped a company go into Chapter 11 to avoid the pressures placed on it by creditors and while in Chapter 11, it made an acquisition that brought it out—we arranged the financing – which tripled its revenues and brought it into positive cash flow;


• Its stock began trading on the New York Stock  Exchange within a couple of years thereafter;


• Distressed situations do not frighten us and we bring fresh ideas, close cooperation and creative sources of capital to companies that are in trouble.

  • Unique approach to capitalization
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Small, nimble and attentive
  • Broad sector bandwidth
  • People are key